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  Welcome To Aruna Mahila Mandali
Aruna Mahila Mandali is a secular, non-political, non-religious, non-commercial, non-profit Grass roots voluntary organization working on the various social service activities for Urban Slums, Tribal like Socio Economic Development, Water and Sanitation, Child Labour Eradication and Education, Rural Health care, Vocational Trainings, Environment, Human Rights and Awareness programs through IEC material. It works for the genuine cause of men, women and children as well as youth, Old age Home for aged etc., without any social discrimination.
The mission of Aruna Mahila Mandali is to support and strengthen the development process of poor community.We conduct frequent health check ups and treatment for elderly all without any charge from them.

We give them nutritious food, hygienic shelter and a healthy environment so that they can live well with dignity.

Our Non-Profit, operates 1 old age home that caters to 25+ old people's daily life needs.

Currently twenty five elderly women are sheltered in the home.We seek to enhance the quality of health, self sufficiency in each and every individual and ensure a homely atmosphere.Changing family value system, economic compulsions of the children, neglect and abuse has caused elders to fall through the net of family care. Homes for the Aged are ideal for elderly people who are alone, face health problems, depression and loneliness.

We are able to run this old age home with generous contributions from individuals like you, and corporates. You can donate in the name of someone, and for occasions like birthdays, wedding anniversary to provide festive meals (Annadhanam) in our Old Age Home. People are welcome to come to the ashram celebrate special occasions with the warm elders.

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